Haunted Attractions

Fearshire Farms® is a “must do” event every October. We have Haunted Attractions for thrill seekers of every level. Fearson’s Farm House, The Dead End Corn Maze and Unhinged are for the strong of heart. Every year we change things up to keep it fresh and new.  Your favorite Queue Line characters will be here to keep you entertained.  For our guests desiring the Halloween spirit without the heart attack we offer our new and improved Halloween Hayride.

If you are from the city and not familiar with county life, you’re a real treat…..I mean in for a real treat! Fearshire Farms® is easy to get to from anywhere and really not that far away (click for directions). What will take you the longest is getting back home and away from the nightmares that are sure to follow you home.


— Fearshire Beer Garden —

Visit the Fearshire Beer Garden to get your liquid courage! We have several choices from your favorite breweries as well as soft drinks and water.  Relax and catch your breath and share your scare experience with your friends at the picnic tables or fire pit. Conveniently just inside the Fearshire gates. There’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beverage around a fire pit while you give your heart time to stop racing.

***Must be 21 or older to purchase & consume alcohol. ID’s will be checked. ***


— Fearsons Farm House —

On the outskirts of Angleton stands an old 1900’s farm house. This farm house has many rooms, each with its own dark secrets. Be prepared for ghostly encounters and new terrors as you climb the stairs and pray you get back down intact.

No one is sure when the family that lived there came to the area. Some say not until the 1900’s and some say they have always been there. Whatever the case, everyone agrees the Fearsons were eccentric and downright strange. The family kept to themselves and wasn’t known to be very sociable. Strange tragic deaths seemed to plague each generation. With each new calamity the townspeople would began to whisper about what possible curse could have befallen the family to make their lives so miserable. Some say the property was cursed by a slave of old man Fearson. Some say the tragedy lies within the mystery of Mrs. Fearson, who loved another but was forced by her father to marry Fearson. Still there are a few who believe it is just plain old bad luck. One thing is for certain, gloom and despair hang over the property like a heavy cloud. It has been said that late at night you can hear the anguished cries of those that lived there as they mourn the terrible loss of their loved ones.

Every year some adventurous souls seeking excitement work up the nerve to tour the old homestead. They are anxious to see if they can make it through the house with everyone in their group accounted for at the end. They never do. Some disappear and are never heard from again. Those that make it out usually end up in a mental ward for a while and are never willing to speak of what they saw. Do you dare to enter Fearson’s Farm House?  Return to Top

*NOTE* In the event of extreme paranormal activity during the tour we will evacuate and close Fearson’s Farm House to the public

Tickets go on sale Sept 15, 2017



— Dead End Corn Maze —

Here on the Fearson’s Farm, the corn grows tall and thick. No one really knows what goes on within the dark depths of the Fearson’s Dead End Corn Maze, but there have been many a night full of strange sounds and foreboding rustling. You can even hear the strange popping noises as it grows. If you are brave enough to enter into its dark pathways, be prepared, natural creatures are not the only terrors to be encountered in this maze. The Dead-End Corn Maze is full of twist, turns and downright frightening creatures. The corn can grow to over 8 feet tall, thanks to the blood and bone –meal fertilizer. Remember to wear closed toe shoes and appropriate clothing. You are on a real farm in a real corn field and some of the things that scare you might not be human, but could be real animals and you don’t want them to mistake your toes for a yummy snack.   Return to Top

Tickets go on sale Sept 15, 2017


— NEW!  Unhinged—

This year at Fearshire Farms® the Fearson’s barn has been transformed into our newest attraction “Unhinged” As you enter the “darkness” of sleep followed by the “dream state”,  be prepared for your darkest nightmares to become reality. New scenes and scares are lurking around every dark turn. Unhinged will test your every sense and weakness. Once you enter, you will be at the hands of your own Fears as you attempt to find your way out of the nightmares. Watch out for the Boogieman!  What is real and what is your imagination will torment you till you break down, lose your mind and never want to sleep again.  Return to Top

Tickets go on sale Sept 15, 2017


Other things to do at the farm:

NEW Halloween Hayride!

There’s nothing like an old fashioned Hay Ride under starry skies to set the mood for the Halloween season! Be ready for the chilling feeling when you pass by the  graves of long forgotten victims. The hayride is family-friendly even with its fun scares and thrills.

While you are waiting on your friends to regroup you can roast marshmallows for S’mores at the Campfire pit, or enjoy watching a classic scary movie under our covered pavilion. Be sure to check out Fearshire Beer Garden. Soft Drinks and Water are available at our ticket booth and our food vendor is ready with yummy fall treats and meal deals.  (There is a $5 grounds fee for those who do not purchase tickets for one of our Haunted Attractions.  Free for ticket holders)

*No outside food or drinks allowed.*

Fearshire Farms® T-shirts will be on sale at our Ticket Booth and we have fun photo-ops where you can take your picture, Facebook, Instgram or Snapchat them and share the memories that have been blazed into your mind forever!

*NOTE* In the event of extreme paranormal activity during the tour we will evacuate and close Fearson’s Farm House to the public.  



The Farmhouse, The Corn Maze, and Unhinged are professional haunts with an extreme scare factor. They are not for young children. Children under 10 will not be admitted to these haunts. ***NO REFUNDS***