About Us

Fearshire Farms is committed to giving our guest the best haunted experience in Texas. Our trained and dedicated staff of experienced haunters, work hard to make your visit a complete Haunted Halloween experience.

At the end of every season we sit down and start planning changes for next year. We discuss all feedback from our guest and make every adjustment needed from scares to safety, what worked what didn’t and what changes we want to implement for the next year. It takes us the entire year to break down and reset, build new and decorate, plus all the behind the scenes things that our guest don’t see like more drainage and pumps to get water off as quickly as possible.

What new for 2017…

Fearson’s Farm House

We have redesigned the pathway through the house to include rooms never seen before. This year guests will discover a new laundry room, new bedroom, and new sewing room and new stairs at the exit.

Honkey’s Fun House

We completely tore down all the walls in the barn, added new flooring and configured a different design to compliment the 3D experience.

Dead-End Corn Maze

Every year the entire maze changes as we move out everything in order to replant. This year we have added more sets to give you fresh thrills and we extended to corn maze to more than 2 acres.

Fearshire Beer Garden

You’re sure to enjoy our Beer Garden and the atmosphere whether you are recovering from your tour or getting yourself ready to begin!
We enjoy visiting with faithful fans and new ones as they tell us what they liked and were surprised by. So feel free to stop by our poll/greeters and let them know what you liked best! We are looking forward to hearing you scream soon!