Welcome To Fearshire Farms®

Houston’s Premier Haunt!

Fearshire Farms® is a “must do” event every October. We offer what most haunted attractions can’t and that is Realism. The house is a real haunted house, the corn is a real corn field and the atmosphere can’t be beat. Fearshire is an experience you won’t forget, no matter how hard you try!

We were honored to be a featured haunt on the Travel Channel’s “Halloween’s Craziest” and looking forward to be on their reruns this year.  We are changing something in every attraction to keep you wondering what’s lurking around the corner. Get ready for new thrills and chills at Fearshire Farms.  This year we will be competing against other haunts across the nation in a new contest and once we have the all clear we will be posting all the information about the name, air dates and network station. This year you will tour the entire Fearsons Homestead and the surrounding grounds. Built in the early 1900’s this farm house has many rooms, each with its own dark secrets. Be prepared for ghostly encounters and new terrors as you climb the stairs and pray you get back down intact. The grounds are just as the family left them from the front porch to the family cemetery. You will be left gasping, panting and begging for it to end!

Tickets are available online or at our box office. We accept all major credit/debit cards except American Express. Now you can pay with Paypal! Discounts available for package deals 

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Fearshire Farms® has several haunt attractions to choose from. If you have the stomach for it, I suggest you attempt to power through them all. The entire layout of Fearshire Farms® is pure genius. Walking up to Fearson’s Farm House you notice the 1900′s decor, a white picket fence, and a creepy corn field in the back. The site of it screams Fritz Kiesrsch’s 1984 masterpiece, “Children of the Corn.” The house is a personal favorite of mine, because anyone can recreate an old house, but you can’t recreate the creaking floors, deteriorating exterior, and bone chilling feel of the home. Making your way out of the house, you will be led through to the Dead-End Corn Maze. The corn maze stands eight feet tall and is difficult knowing what, where, and when something will terrorize you. Once you make your way through an abandoned school bus, a crazy old man, and shredded limbs, brace yourself for the chainsaw frenzy.